Rules for Buying House for Sale in Mauritius

Buying House for sale in Mauritius in 2023

With the introduction of the Immigration Act 2022, the Non-Citizen (Property Restriction) Act has undergone significant changes in regards to property ownership by foreigners in Mauritius. These changes were meant to allow non-citizens who are residents in Mauritius, as defined by the Immigration Act 2022, to purchase residential houses outside of the PDS, Smart City, IRS, and RES schemes.

Requirements for a foreigner to purchase a house for sale in Mauritius

To buy a house for sale in Mauritius outside the current schemes, a foreigner must have a valid residence permit, and the property’s value must be a minimum of USD 350,000. Additionally, approval from the Prime Minister’s Office is necessary. However, this new law has not been proven to be in effect. 

Nonetheless, the current schemes still provide a range of options: PDS, Smart Cities and G+2. To learn more about what the schemes entail and which one would most meet your preferences, take a look at this page on Real Estate in Mauritius. 

Permanent Residence through Fractured Ownership

Many ask if it is possible for multiple investors to obtain permanent residence by buying Mauritius property for sale. The Immigration Act 2022 allows fractured ownership, meaning that more than one investor can buy Mauritius property for sale and obtain permanent residence independently. For instance, if a husband and wife or two business partners purchase a Mauritius property for sale by investing at least USD 375,000 each, they both qualify for permanent residence. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

The recent amendment in the Immigration Act 2022 has now opened up opportunities for non-citizens who are residents in Mauritius to purchase properties outside the current schemes. This has given foreigners an exciting chance to buy property for sale in Mauritius.

Foreigners can purchase apartments in Mauritius. However, there are certain criteria that must be met. Specifically, the apartment block must be at least three floors, with a minimum purchase price of MUR 6 million. In recent years, a foreigner who purchases an apartment in Mauritius at a price of USD 375,000 or above is eligible for permanent residence status in the country.

The recent changes now allow foreigners to buy a villa in Mauritius outside of the current schemes, except for beachfront villas, which require special permission. Under the latest rules, a foreigner can buy a standalone residential property in Mauritius built on land that does not exceed 0.5276 hectare (1.25 arpent).

Foreigners are allowed to purchase serviced land for sale and land in a smart city under certain circumstances. With the latest changes, non-citizens can now buy bare or serviced land not exceeding 0.5276 hectare (1.25 arpent) in Mauritius.