Permits in Mauritius

Types of Permits in Mauritius

Residence Permit
A Residence Permit allows non-citizens to enter and reside in Mauritius. The permit holder is not authorized to work in Mauritius, without an Occupation Permit. However, non-citizens who have acquired a Residence Permit by investing in real estate over USD 375,000 can work and invest in Mauritius without a separate Occupation Permit.
Investor Permit
The Investor permit is designed for individuals who plan to establish their own business or company in Mauritius, whether it be an international trading company, an investment company, or a local restaurant.
Occupation Permit
An Occupation Permit allows foreign citizens to work and reside in Mauritius. The Occupation Permit can be obtained by purchasing property worth over USD 375,000 or through one of the three main categories of Occupation Permits: Investor Permit, Professional Permit, or Self-Employed Permit. Each category has its own set of conditions.
Professional Permit
To be eligible for a Professional Permit, a foreign citizen must be employed in Mauritius under a contract of employment, registered with the Economic Development Board and earn least MUR 60,000 every month.
Self-Employed Permit
This permit is intended for non-citizens engaged in a professional activity in the services sector only and registered with the Registrar of Businesses. The self-employed person must operate a one-person business activity, working exclusively for their own account.
Retirement Permit
Also known as a Retired Non-Citizen Residence Permit, this permit is applicable to foreign citizens who are 50 years or above and have retired. Mauritius offers various facilities for seniors, making it a desirable destination for retirees.

How to Apply for a Permit in Mauritius?

As a foreigner, applying for a permit and making arrangements to move to Mauritius can be challenging. To ensure a hassle-free process, TBI Mauritius offers advisory services on immigration options and documentary requirements, as well as handles the permit application process on behalf of clients.