Company Set-Up In Mauritius

Why Set-Up A Company In Mauritius?

Mauritius has become one of the most advanced economies in the region, drawing businesses from all over the world due to its stable economy and business-friendly laws. Mauritius is projected to witness a 75% increase in wealth growth within the next ten years, placing it as the fourth fastest-growing country worldwide in terms of millionaire expansion. The number of millionaires in Mauritius is anticipated to surpass 8,500 by 2032, as a result of consistent inbound migration of affluent individuals and rapid advancements in the local entertainment, financial services, real estate, and technology industries.

Mauritius is a highly advantageous destination for those considering it as a location for their next business venture or for establishing an offshore company. The island offers several benefits, including:

  • Consistently ranked as the top country in Africa by various rankings and indices such as the World Bank Doing Business, Global Competitiveness Index, and the Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance.
  • Business-friendly legislation in place.
  • A well-governed nation with an independent judiciary.
  • A multilingual workforce available.
  • Supportive of FinTech development.
  • Low corporate tax rates.
  • No exchange controls and no tax on dividends.
  • Economic stability and prosperity.
  • Business-friendly trade agreement laws, making it easier to invest in Africa.
  • High competition and growth opportunities.
  • A flourishing real estate market.

How To Set Up A Company In Mauritius?

When setting up a company in Mauritius, it is important to choose the appropriate business licence and a management company. The primary objective of an offshore management company is to assist with the formation of a company, including providing services such as a company secretary, registered office, directors, and other necessary elements for your businesses in Mauritius. Refer to this TBI Mauritius page to learn more about company formation in Mauritius. 

TBI Mauritius, our recommended partner, will assist you in setting up a company in Mauritius, from registering your business and selecting the appropriate offshore company type, to acquiring and establishing your workplace, employing skilled professionals, and meeting legal requirements with precision and thoroughness.