Property & Investment in Mauritius

Why Buy Property And Invest In Mauritius?

Mauritius is renowned for its status as a high-end tourist destination and a prominent global offshore center. In recent years, the property industry in Mauritius has experienced an unparalleled expansion, with a diverse range of properties available for purchase ranging from 6 million rupees to several million euros. The government’s continued backing of foreign investment in Mauritius real estate has facilitated this growth. The country boasts breathtaking landscapes, hospitable locals, a picturesque location, reliable land registration, and political and economic stability, making it an ideal real estate investment, particularly for those seeking permanent residency.

How To Buy Property In Mauritius?

Foreign investors are limited to specific investment schemes when investing in Mauritius and must obtain authorisation from the Economic Development Board (EDB). Permission from the Prime Minister’s Office is required for investments outside these schemes. Foreigners can buy apartments starting from MUR 6 million (or less in a Smart City), as well as luxury villas in the PDS (Property Development Scheme), which can cost several million dollars. Buying land in a Smart City for a personal residential property is only available to those already with residence or occupation permits. Mauritius also allows foreigners to buy apartments that are at least 3 floors high, under the G+2 Scheme. To learn more about the different schemes, check out this TBI Mauritius page on Mauritius Real Estate. 

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