Relocation & Permits in Mauritius

Why move to Mauritius?

Mauritius is a remarkable African country that offers an unparalleled balance of quality of life and business potential, making it an exceptional place to live. While not suited to everyone, those who relocate here tend to appreciate the island way of life, friendly locals, and attractive fiscal and tax incentives. Mauritius presents numerous opportunities to obtain residency, acquire real estate, and establish companies with minimal restrictions. It is widely regarded as a safe place to reside, making it a popular choice for expats from South Africa. These factors combine to make Mauritius an excellent option for relocation or a second residency. 

Mauritius presents an exceptional opportunity for relocation, providing a secure and stable environment to raise a family or retire. The climate and proximity to beaches across the island contributes to a high standard of living, although we acknowledge that Mauritius may not be suitable for everyone, and recommend visiting before making any significant commitments. It is not uncommon for individuals to invest in property or move their business to Mauritius before adequately acquainting themselves with the country. The Premium Visa provides a flexible option to visit and experience Mauritius before making any long-term decisions. We advise against committing to lengthy property contracts or business ventures without sufficient knowledge of Mauritius.

How To Move To Mauritius?

To begin the process of relocating to Mauritius, one must obtain the necessary permits or visas. This TBI Mauritius page on Permit, Visas, Immigration, and Citizenship comprehensively outlines the various available options. TBI Mauritius is our recommended partner for relocation services. Their team of consultants and professionals will assist you in determining the optimal approach, and provide support in compiling all requisite documentation for both residential and occupational permits, should you intend to work in Mauritius.